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Ratchet Gladiator PS2 Playthrough Part 6 The Temple Of Shaar Planet Shaar

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Here's part 6 of ratchet gladiator playthrough on the ps2 version after complete avenger's tournament we move to the next location at the temple of shaar in planet shaar area doing more battle enemies & extra missions as well enjoy the playthrough everyone! Tournaments With Bosses , Armor & The Harbinger Weapon Shellshock Boss Fight (✔) Avenger Tournament & Avenger Armor Prize (✔) Crusader Tournament & Reactor Boss Fight Crusader Armor Prize (X) Vindicator Tournament & Eviscerator Boss Fight Vindicator Armor Prize (X) Liberator Tournament & Ace Hardlight Boss Fight Liberator Armor Prize (X) Gleeman Vox Boss Fight (X) The...
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