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Heavenly Sword by Thunny Brown ft Boot Camp Alumni, Warhedz and D/R Period's Rockboy Gz Out Now!

Trending story found on "Heavenly Sword" by Thunny Brown OUT NOW!!!with appearances from Bucktown Bootcamp Alumni Stuck B, IllaNoyz, Supreme The Eloheem and Ruste Juxx, from D/R Periods Rockboy  Records/ Rockboy G'z, Rah I'll, Berry Goodz, Absooloot and Cuzzo Sosay and Fly Ty from The Florida Evagladez the Warhedz, Racks, StrangeFlo, Shellshock(RIP), Hely Hel, Raymond Leon, Lance Davis, Gun Man and Faytal, male vocalists J Sings and DaMarcus Wilkins. With production from 10th St., Ed roc, Producer Dayta, Dray Yard, Hollywood, Racks, StrangeFlo, Cuzzo Sosay and Cuzin Bawb OUT NOW!!! STREAMING ON ALL PLATFORMS!!! PUT THIS IN YA PLAYLIST!!!TAP IN!!!
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