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Driller's Legacy | Elite Deep Dive Hazard 6 x2 Enemies | With Rodders, Masala & Stern

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NOTES: 1. This recording was the 5th(?) attempt at this Haz 6 x2 Enemies EDD. 2. Haz 6 x2 Enemies Dives is achieved by using AssemblyStorm's All Deep Dives Hazard 5 mod combined with MountAndDewMe's Hazard 6 x2 Enemies mod. Links below. 3. Thanks to Masala, Rodders & Stern for playing! 4. Thanks to Masala for the thumbnail! 5. Sorry for borking the UI at the beginning of the second stage - was still very elated that we'd cleared the first stage! EDD 18/11/2021 Recorded 19/11/2021 0:00 Builds Shown 1:50 Stage 1 16:00 Stage 2 43:10 Stage 3 58:30 Mods...
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