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Lesbian Bed Death - Bring Out Your Dead (Official Music Video)

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Lesbian Bed Death's 'Bring Out Your Dead' from the album, 'The Witching Hour' (Psychophonic Records). Available to pre-order from, all good record shops & online retailers via Shellshock Distribution. Directed and produced by Dan Peach & Evelyn Wolf Director of Photography: Jason Weidner First Camera Assistant: Joe Armstrong Make-up: Jacqui Dunn, Jas Dunn, Dan Lewis-Dayle, & various zombies Venue Sound-man: Dean Cowen Actors: Leah Solmaz (vocals), Rachel Goddard (Drums), Andy Pancheri (bass), Dave Scragg (Guitar), Zoey Phoenix, Leisl Heath, Dan Peach, Aimee Violet, Chris.T, Dan Lewis-Dayle, Sarah Jablonski, Chris Wells, Hobbit, Tara Wright, Lee Fletcher, David Fenton, Shell Culshaw,...
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