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Ratchet Galdiator PS2 Playthrough Part 10 Ace Hardlight Base Planet Torval

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Here's part 10 of ratchet gladiator playthrough on the ps2 version after complete the valix belt we move on to the next planet at planet torval at ace hardlight base doing face enemies & extra missions as well enjoy the playthrough everyone! Tournaments With Bosses , Armor & The Harbinger Weapon Shellshock Boss Fight (✔) Avenger Tournament & Avenger Armor Prize (✔) Crusader Tournament & Reactor Boss Fight Crusader Armor Prize (✔) Vindicator Tournament & Eviscerator Boss Fight Vindicator Armor Prize (X) Liberator Tournament & Ace Hardlight Boss Fight Liberator Armor Prize (X) Gleeman Vox Boss Fight (X) The Harbinger...
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