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BIFRÖST - Verräters Geschick (Mana Ewah)

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This is a track of the new upcoming album ("MANA EWAH") of the Austrian Metal Band BIFRÖST. It is called "Verräters Geschick" and "MANA EWAH" will be out on the 5th of february 2016 via Einheit Produktionen. All rights are reserved to Bifröst and Einheit Produktionen. The artwork was made by Balázs Jacso aka "nagash793". Enjoy! Bifröst is: Ragnar - Vocals Matthias - Guitar, Keys Nordolf - Guitar Mario - Bass Severni Veter - Drums Buy CD & Merch / Bundles: Labelshop: Bandshop: The regular cd is distributed by: Germany/Austria: Soulfood Switzerland: Non Stop Music BeNeLux: Rock Inc....
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