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Talkin' & Tankin' (Shellshock Live)

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► Here, have some mixed nuts: ◄ The higher your combined ELO's are the stronger your friendship is. FELLOW ARTILLERYERS: Chilled: APL: APL: SeaNanners: MORE SARK: Twitch: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: ----------------------------------- MUSIC ‘Casio Party’ - aarondrake ‘Jazz Comedy’ - Bensound License: CC Attribution 3.0 ‘Dixie’ - Columbia Orchestra 1908 License: CC Public Domain Additional music courtesy of Epidemic Sound SOUND EFFECTS ‘Jab’ - Mike Koenig License: CC Attribution 3.0 ‘wooshs 04 (medium)’ - toyoto License: CC Attribution 3.0 ‘Low Spaceship Rumbling 13841’ - Robinhood76 License:...
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