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FAST PACED SHELLSHOCK?! | Friendly Fire = Salty Rage Tanks! (Treadnauts Multiplayer w/ Friends)

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4 TANKS ENTER. 1 SALT LEAVES! Friendly Fire is Hilarious! Want some Chilly Merch? Leave a LIKE or Share! It lets me know you enjoyed the video! ***Subscribe! - *** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What is Treadnauts? Treadnauts launches 4-player tank brawls into the sky. Drive up all the walls! Rocket jump onto the roof! Disrespect your friends by squashing them like tiny bugs! Shoot bullets out of the air! Move with style!! HOLY MOLY This game combines Shellshock and Fast Paced Mayhem in such a good way! Not only do you have to duck and dodge attacks, always staying on...
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