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FAKE NEWS!(Shellshock w/ the Derp Crew) - Ep. 28

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The Derp Crew all gather 'round for an all out war in ShellShock Live! Hop aboard your tanks folks because things are about to get intense! Download ShellShock Live Here: ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------- The Derp Crew: Chilled ► GaLm ► Ze ► ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------- Want to send fan-mail? Then send them to my P.O box and be sure to address it to Aphex Arcade!: 150 Veterans Memorial Hwy #215 Commack, NY 11725 Partnered by DesignbyHumans! Buy your very own AphexArcade t-shirt today! Become a Patron today! Affiliate Links: SteelSeries ► NoScopeGlasses ► Check out the...
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