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ShellShock Live - Dream Team #29 - KMS WITH PINS AND NEEDLES?! [1080p 60FPS]

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SHELLSHOCK LIVE DREAM TEAM #29! Welcome to my Dream Team series for ShellShock Live, a strategic online multiplayer artillery game where you can shoot your friends and others with a range of different weapons to choose from in a battle arena. This is my #29 of the Dream Team where myself and Dan go up against 2 other opponents in a 2v2 game on ShellShock Live. Hope You Enjoy! ✮ Dream Team #28 ➟ ✮ Level 100 Life Begins #9 ➟ ✮ My ShellShock Live Account ➟ Patreon Page ➟ Train Simulator Scenario Spreadsheet ➟
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